Facilitating Independent Authors

We are a boutique firm offering a catalog of services for independent authors, regardless of genre or length of work.


Our team of experts has assisted hundreds of writers just like you achieve their goals.


With clients from Houston to Mumbai, our staff offers a host of services that you may select a la carte.


Our unique offerings are designed to help you realize your self-publishing dreams.


Let's work together and create a masterpiece!


Ever wonder why a book doesn’t sell? There could be a variety of reasons, many having nothing to do with the quality of the writing or story.


Our professionals will review the public-facing aspects of your title and provide an unbiased critique and suggestions.



Audio books are a growing revenue stream for authors everywhere, and ACX is considered by many to be the absolute best distribution channel. Without a facilitator, only residents of the USA and United Kingdom can utilize this powerful outlet.


We have helped hundreds worldwide through our unique program.


There is nothing more important for independent authors than a quality edit.


We offer line and development editing services.


Our editors adhere to the Chicago Manual of Style and utilize the latest automation technology available.

It takes a disciplined individual to perform a quality proofread. Both the author and editor will have made several passes through the text by the time the manuscript has been line edited, passed a story line proofing, and been grammatically corrected.


The human brain starts filling in missing words and making mental substitutions that simply don’t exist in the text. We’ll identify those issues.

For most authors, marketing is the most difficult aspect of a successful writing career.


We are creative, experienced, and dedicated to promoting your title and brand with unique solutions as well as time-tested methods.



Independent writers can quickly become high-income individuals. While overnight success stories are rare, it's not unusual for our clients to steadily increase their earnings over time. Eventually, revenue increases may necessitate a review of your tax strategy.


We have worked with tax and legal professionals to develop a sophisticated, author-specific solution.


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