Facilitating Independent Authors

Ever wonder why a book doesn't sell? There could be a variety of reasons, many having nothing to do with the quality of the writing or intrigue of the plot.


There is an old adage that two heads are better than one. This same logic applies to launching a book in today's competitive, digital marketplace. The more eyes that review your product, the higher the quality of the offering – translating into higher sales.


Kemah Bay offers a service we call the Book Doctor. It is designed for you, the independent author who wants a truthful, professional evaluation of how your book is perceived by potential readers. As you know, most successful novelists wouldn't think of publishing a manuscript without having one or more editors collaborating on the title. We believe this same diligence should apply to the cover, blurb, author profile, and the host of other customer-facing details of the work.


The Book Doctor service evaluates your total package as presented on the major online outlets.


  • Is the cover attractive to the mainstream reader in your genre?
  • Does your author profile compel new readers to take a chance on your work?
  • Is there something about the presentation of your title that prevents browsing readers from making a decision?


Unlike your friends and family, we are experts who will provide honest, business-savvy opinions and observations. Isn't it better hearing the truth from us than wondering why those monthly sales numbers are so modest?


If you want to know how your book is being evaluated by potential customers, we'll tell you.


We accept:

Any genre, including non-fiction and steamy prose

English language manuscripts


Typical Engagement:

Average turn-around time of three business days from scheduled start date

Cost of $250.00 per title and series discounts available


Our deliverable:

A detailed report summarizing the opinion of at least three editors, proofreaders, or publishing professionals


Please read our terms and conditions before ordering


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