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For many authors, marketing is the most difficult aspect of a successful self-publishing career. Independent writers are constantly challenged by an ever-shifting plethora of options, methods, and media. What works for romance may be completely ineffective for science fiction. Last year’s marketing miracle might be this year’s biggest flop.


Is perma-free the best option for the first novel in your series?  Is print media worth the investment? How about those expensive mail list offerings that can cost over $1,000 per ad?


In reality, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Rarely does any single method of marketing command an impressive return on investment. All too often, we hear stories of inexperienced writers investing thousands of dollars and realizing disappointing results.


At Kemah Bay Marketing, (KBM), we pride ourselves on creative, unique solutions that range from ad placement to giveaway SWAG (souvenir, wearable, award, and gift) items that bolster your image as an author while making readers take notice of your brand.

We utilize a network of industry professionals, bloggers, graphic artists, and copy creators to maximize the exposure of your title.




Best-selling author Joe Nobody writes survival and dystopian novels. KBM sourced and procured an embroidered patch with Mr. Nobody’s famous logo that could be attached to items common to his readership, like shirts and hats.


At a modest investment of less than $3.00 each, these items were affordable and proved desirable to readers. The patches were popular as giveaways, sold by retailers, and used to raise money for charities.


It is unlikely, however, that this method would work well for a romance novelist.


Each genre, category, and even individual novel requires a careful analysis and attention to detail in order to develop an effective promotional strategy.


As with a complex plot, there are numerous moving parts involved in successful marketing. An author's website should coordinate with any cover theme, which in turn should be in lockstep with social media profiles. A concurrent, cooperative effort leads to branding that is recognizable by readers.


Even basic, foundational marketing practices, such as placing social media ads and monitoring the results, can be a time-consuming endeavor for independent writers.


Often, authors prefer to spend their time writing that next book rather than trying to crop a photograph to the right size for a media post.


Our marketing services are handcrafted for each individual client. Depending on the author's desires, existing catalog, and budget, we can work together to create a campaign that will produce results.


We accept:

Any genre, including non-fiction and steamy prose

English language manuscripts

Authors with marketing budgets in excess of $500 (USD) monthly


Typical Engagement:

The first step is one or more consultation meetings, typically by phone.

Kemah Bay Marketing will then submit a proposal outlining our marketing plan, concepts, and projected costs.

Generally, charges accrue at a percentage of the monthly marketing spend.


Our deliverable:




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