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Proofreading Service - Terms and Conditions



The author owns the rights to certain written work and wishes to utilize the services offered by Kemah Bay Marketing as described as “proofreading.” This service involves reading the author-provided book in an effort to uncover grammar, plot, and readability issues, errors, or omissions. In exchange for compensation, Kemah Bay agrees to return a copy of the book along with documentation noting any findings. Kemah Bay will be compensated as agreed accordingly.


The author is responsible for:

1. Providing a valid email address to be used for billing via PayPal.

2. Providing Kemah Bay Marketing with a Microsoft Word document (2003 or higher) of the book to be processed.

3. Providing payment as agreed, in full, before the denoted book and subsequent report is delivered. Payment is not due until notified by KBM that the deliverable has been completed.


Kemah Bay Marketing is responsible for:

1. Beginning the proofreading service on the date agreed.

2. Providing the deliverables via email in a timely fashion, once payment has been received.

3. Maintaining the author’s privacy and confidentiality, including all provided materials, personal information, and details of this transaction.

4. Providing phone and email support during normal business periods, (M-F) 9:00 am through 5:00 pm CST, with the exception of US federal holidays.

5. Offering a follow up phone consultation to discuss the findings of the report.



Word count is defined as the number of words detected by Microsoft Word.

Author retains all rights to the intellectual property, including the report generated as part of the proofreading service.

Kemah Bay maintains the right to refuse any title.

Kemah Bay’s entire scope of liability is limited to the amount this transaction.


By placing an order, the author warrants and represents full and complete ownership of all titles involved in the transaction.



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