Facilitating Independent Authors

One of the most commonly overlooked steps by independent authors is a quality, detailed proofread.


A new title can pass through several cycles of edits, revisions, and corrections. During this process, files can become mismatched, versions can vanish, and minor errors can be overlooked.


Proofreading is difficult for authors and editors as their eyes have already traveled the manuscript on several different passes. This, combined with the fact that the human mind often fills in missing words or auto-corrects sentence structure, can lead to a product riddled with typos, resulting in bad reviews.


In addition to being voracious readers, Kemah Bay's proofreaders are specialized individuals who possess that rare capability to process nearly every word.


Regardless of the age of your title, a quality review is always a good idea for any work.


We accept:

Any genre, including non-fiction and steamy prose

Any length of work up to 2MB in file size

English manuscripts

Microsoft Word (2003 or higher) formatted files


Typical Engagement:

Average turn-around time of one business day per 20,000 words

Cost of $34.00 (USD) per 10,000 words, $50.00 minimum


Our deliverable:

Your manuscript returned with highlighted grammar issues and explanations (Microsoft Word Revision Tracking turned on)

A separate document with any plot or story confusion, missing elements, or general questions/comments

Phone/email support as required


Please read our terms and conditions before ordering


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